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How To Decide What To Do With Your Life. In Five Easy Steps!

Getting what you want out of life can be a stressful ordeal, whether young or old. But with understanding and adherance to these five easy steps, you can be well on your way to getting what you want out of life.

                                                                                            1) Evaluate Your Strengths.

This is not as easy as it may seem. All of those “talents” that mom  says you have are generally not applicable here, and just because she hung your hand-turkey on the refrigerator when you were six does not mean you have a future as a arts and crafts proprietor. The important idea is to make sure those strengths and talents you grew up appreciating are profitable. Sorry to all those children of the 80s who have “mastered” the Rubik’s cube, keep it on YouTube.

2) Set Your Goals

So you wanna be a rock superstar, and live large, a big house, five cars, you’re in charge? While those goals make for a great Cyprus Hill song, they aren’t the kind of goals one should set. The most successful people never set out to be millionaires. Short-term goals (six months to three years) are the most successful because the path is easier to travel, and the gratification is faster, leading to a more optimistic outlook and future success. The real key is making sure your short-term goals build on the larger goals you have set.

3)Assess Your Education Level

You may have heard inspirational stories about the man with an 8th grade education going on to take nightly baths in hundred dollar bills. Have you every given thought to why that story is so sensational? The answer is simple. It is extremely rare.Granted, no one wants to become the 40 something graduate student who reeks of coffee and raman noodles and looks like he’s been living on the basketball court near his old freshman dorm. However, the simple fact is, that the higher your education level, the higher your potential earnings; key word potential.

4) Decide What You Are Willing To Sacrifice

Mommy and Daddy would be so happy if their special child grew up to be a doctor or a lawyer, wouldn’t they? Would they also be proud of that same doctor or lawyer who saw his family as often as Monday Night Football or Grey’s Anatomy is on? If those decisions are a tough one, consider this: certain occupations inherently come with certain sacrifices, and benefits, weighing those out can yield a great deal of insight to your decision making process.

5) Adjust For Reality

“We’ve all been raised on television to believe that one day we’d all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars, but we won’t.”

As crass as this seems, there is a morsel of insight in this endearing quote. Setting out on life’s path with plans to become the next Premier of the People’s Republic of China isn’t realistic. Of course, that’s a hyperbole, but the same logic applies. Great people became great because they made intelligent decisions time and time again. Realistically, you’re going to have a mortgage, a spouse that you’re going to fight with, and kids that for a period of time will think you don’t know your derriere from a hole in the ground. And everyone, everyone, deals with this. Some of us simply have more interesting day jobs.


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